Charlie sheen said was cured of HIV

In 2015, the General public has become aware that Hollywood actor Charlie sheen is seriously ill. The star of the sitcom “Two and a half men” was diagnosed with HIV, which he later decided to fight for experimental drugs. The bus had been prescribed the drug PRO 140, which, as promised, completely had to save him from a severe illness and, according to Charlie, the medicine did the trick. Now the Tire is completely healthy. At least he thinks so.

Charlie says he previously prescribed therapy did not give any results. On the contrary, the medicines offered by the official medicine, makes him the wrong man and brought him to the “faces of dementia”, “When I first heard about his illness, I knew that this is not a death sentence but just a really big bummer — optimistic, said 51-year-old actor. – I accept the gift of life. I could run and hide, but prefer to openly and honestly talk about their problems, this is my path”.

Note that PRO 140 is not a clandestine drug made in Mexico, for example. The drug was created in Vancouver, Washington, as a replacement for traditional antiretroviral therapy HIV and AIDS. The Daily Mail reports that it is not a cure for HIV, but has no side symptoms such as disorientation, memory loss, weakness, etc. PRO 140 is a weekly injection, not a daily set of pills.


Source: intermedia.ru
Photo: instagram.com

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