Charlie Hunnam will not return in the sequel “Pacific abroad”

From the beginning of 2016 around siwela “Pacific rim” does not cease talking. The most unpleasant and sad for the fans there was a rumor that the sequel to the sci-Fi movie may not happen, but Guillermo Del Toro (author of the first film) calmed all asparaginases and Twitter said that the sequel to be, and his creation will take the author of the series “Daredevil” and “Spartacus” Stephen Denit is the debutant movie for the big screen.

A writer is assigned to John Spaits (“Prometheus”, “Doctor strange”).

In the film, according to rumors, should reappear Ron Perlman, Rinko Kikuchi, Bern Gorman. But starring in the first film — Charlie Hunnam — from the filming of the sequel refused because of employment on other projects. The main role in the sequel will play John Boyega, he will also act as producer. The project also involved Scott Eastwood, Ron Perlman, Max Martini.

The Russian premiere is scheduled for February 22, 2018.

We will remind, the first part of the sci-Fi Thriller came to the big screen in 2013. The film is about a battle of giant robots with no less giant lizards from the enemy of measurement got mixed reviews and collected compared to budget serious — not so serious cash: with a budget of 190 million “Pacific rim” earned $ 411 million.

By the way, last weekend was presented the first trailer for the new film by guy Ritchie, where he was involved Charlie Hunnam.

Source: intermedia.ru

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