Charitable Foundation Leonardo DiCaprio”s Foundation is suspected of money laundering

Department of justice United States of America interested in the activities of the charitable Foundation of Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio, constantly advocating for the preservation of wildlife. Law enforcement authorities suspect that the organization DiCaprio’Leonardo’s Foundation has partnered with suspicious the Malaysian Fund.

In July DiCaprio organized a gala dinner in Saint-Tropez, where celebrities have to fork out more than $ 45 million. Such a huge amount is forced to think the Department of justice, which has filed a lawsuit in the District court. In the lawsuit it is about the amount of more than $ 3 billion, which, most likely, were transferred from Malaysian national welfare Fund. Now militiamen will find out how much money Leo actually spends on charity. Since the Fund was founded in 1998, was registered as a non-profit organization, all of its accounts should be open and accessible. At the same time, the organization is not required to provide information on their expenditure, because wealthy people often make donations in secret.

Source: http://pagesix.com
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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