Channel “1+1” takes Comedy series about life in the village

Channel “1+1” takes Comedy series about life in the village

Inspired by the success of their own show “Latest Moskal”, the channel “1+1” began to look for another comedic story about rural realities. And I found it in Croatia: the command “1+1 Production” filming the TV series “Village of a million” in Croatian format Kud Puklo Da Puklo.

In the center of the plot – cousins Kate, nick and Timur from Lviv, Nikolaev and Kiev, he inherited a million euros. But to get to that money they can if you move to a village in Western Ukraine and live there for a year, not leaving town for more than 24 hours. If none of the heirs will not be able to fulfill the condition, the money will be forfeit to the village head Ivan does not live his rivals in the struggle for power.

“Who among us has not dreamed of the unexpected grandfather’s inheritance? But for the main character of the series Catherine’s life in the village is full of surprises – there is a toilet in the woods, and cousins bicker like small children, and the local handsome Forester and tries to hurt. This hilarious Comedy in the style of “the Taming of the shrew liking our large international team,” – says Elena Vasilieva, chief producer of the TV series and movies TV channel “1+1”.

Role in the Village in a million” performed by Dmitry Sova, Anna Kosmal, Konstantin Voitenko, Evgeny Kaporin, Anatoly Hostikoev, Natalia Sumska, Tatiana Zinovenko, Yuri Gorbunov, Elena Stefano, mark Drobot and Vladimir Zadneprovsky whose characters speak primarily in Ukrainian.

“We are pleased that the success of “Ostannyoho wrote inspires not only us, but also colleagues in the market. We hope that this product on the Ukrainian TV will be as much as possible, ” says creative producer of the series Jaroslav examples walls (one of the writers of “Moskal”). – In the new Comedy we show a slice of our population. The series illustrates a very characteristic for the Ukrainian people – the ability to laugh at themselves”.

The project team are representatives of different countries, from Serbia to Israel and Georgia. Director – Bata, Nedic has already been filmed for the benefits of the project on the village. The producers – Elena Vasilieva and Victoria lezina. The screenplay – Jaroslav examples walls, Roman Rozengurt and Bogdan Gazelec.

The project will consist of 12 episodes, although in the original project there are more than 100. The premiere will take place in the air of “1+1” in the fall.


Source and photo: mediananny.com