Celine Dion is living with another man after her husband’s death

All my life canadian singer Celine Dion has dedicated music and married life with rené Angelila. He was her first man, husband, best friend, father of her children and a reliable rear. It is not surprising that after the tragic loss and died from a serious illness, she can not imagine life with another man.

In its first seven years of interviews British media Selin commented on the question of journalists, whether it is time for her to find new love. Dion said that such thoughts still “too early”.
“For me it’s still too early. I still love my husband and consider myself a married woman. He is the love of my life, and I can’t even imagine next to me another man. Every day my love for Renee gives me the strength to live on. I understand that feelings and emotions tend to pass with time, but I was always with him. When I sing I’m with him. When I hug my kids, I think about him. I need time to mourn, and I still can find it,” said Dion.
By and large, Celine generally is not going to have Affairs with someone else. In an interview, Dion admitted that Angell was the only man she ever kissed in my life. They met when Celine was just twelve years old when Rene became her Manager. Over time their relationship became romantic, and in 1994, the singer married Angelina.
“I proved what I will always be with him as he always was with me. I’ll take care of his memory as soon as I can. When Renee left, I was near him and I told him: “All right, you can go. You don’t deserve to suffer like that. Enough of suffering and pain. You gave a lot of people, you don’t deserve it. I’m fine with our children all will be well. You taught me how to live, and I’ll live..” And now I will fulfill my promise every day,” said Dion.

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