Celine Dion: “I am the head of my family”

Life without her husband Rene Angelil, who died last year from a long illness, made by canadian singer Celine Dion is stronger. In an interview with ?tonline the actress said about how life has changed for the family after losing its head.

“Now I’m the head of the family. Now I feel stronger than ever. He’s (Rene – approx.ed.) gave me your hand. I look forward, say what they need, and know what are my words. I stand up for their children and feel their leader.
My oldest son is sixteen years old, but he is not the head of the family. He must have his own dreams and your own path. I can’t afford to take on such responsibility. Younger I speak frankly. For them, the death of Rene was no great trauma. The last three years of their lives, they barely saw him and knew him well. After Renee died, I told them that he would always be with us, right now anyway.
Sometimes I think that Renee left a part of himself in each of his sons in their hearts and in mine. 50% of those who were with him as my partner, he gave no residue, so I can continue to live without him, but at the same time, I felt that he is near.
Before I didn’t have to make decisions. Rene was a great man and Manager. He just told me: “We’re going on tour” and we went on tour. Now I need time to think and make a decision, so I say to all: “Give me time and I’ll get back to you”. I’m sure my husband is very proud of me and what I’m doing now” — said Selin.

Recall that rené died in January last year from a recurrence of throat cancer. With the disease he fought for dozens of years, endured many operations, and more than once told in an interview that the love and care wife have prolonged his life. Dion had to postpone his career to fully take care of her beloved husband, but shortly before his death Angelil asked the spouse to return to the stage. That music helped her to survive the death of her husband and take her. She returned to performances in Las Vegas residency Caesar’s Palace, as well as preparing for the tour.

Source: http://www.etonline.com
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