Celine Dion completely naked for the cover of gloss

The new issue of Vogue is full of surprises, and chief among them – Nude photo shoot canadian singer Celine Dion. Photo from the backstage, was published on the official website. In my 49 years, the singer of the hit “My heart will go on” decided to demonstrate their excellent physical shape. Celine was never a doughnut, and grief over the loss of her beloved husband Rene Angelil, left this world last year after a long illness, even more emaciated. Your slender waist Dion said outfit at a recent fashion show within the fashion Week in Paris, where she watched the scene on the podium with Anna Wintour, the chief editor of the Vogue.

“Here you have “naked” however, while Celine Deon changing between outputs to the audience. The last five years on stage she appears only in the branded things.. Speech to last not less than two hours, and this continues for five or six days a week. Celine sings, dances, gestures, crouches, and therefore chooses not only beautiful, but comfortable clothes.. Celine claims that do not follow fashion, she is following her” — said in the caption to the photo.

I must say that Dion really cherishes outfits from your wardrobe and use them for family celebrations and other events. So, at the funeral of their beloved husband Celine she was in the same dress that for statements made to her by John Galliano.
Celine is not the first time exposed to Vogue in 2012, she posed Topless for the cover of the publication, commenting on my appearance in such a provocative style: “I am in real life.”

Source: http://www.usmagazine.com
Photo: http://www.usmagazine.com

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