Catherine Deneuve has condemned the wave of “hatred of men” – 24???

French actress and singer Catherine Deneuve believes Puritanism campaign #MeToo directed against sexual harassment. Deneuve and about 100 other well-known women have signed an open letter published in the newspaper Le Monde.

The authors of the letter believe that the right men are “abusing women” is part of sexual freedom.

Catherine Deneuve | Variety, “Violence is a crime. But persistent or clumsy flirting — no,” – said in a letter to a celebrity.

According to the authors of the letter, amid the case of film producer Harvey Weinstein to the problem of sexual harassment was paid a lot of attention, but “this freedom of speech leads to the opposite.”

Recall campaign #MeToo aimed against sexual harassment, spread because of the scandal and accusations around Harvey Weinstein.