Cathedral of the blessed virgin Mary 8 Jan 2018

The virgin Mary gave the world a Savior, Jesus Christ. Immediately after Christmas we honor the memory of the great virgin Mary, who was honored to be the mother of the son of God.

There are many religious festivals dedicated to the virgin Mary, and one of them is the Cathedral of the blessed virgin. Each year we honor the virgin for her virtue and devotion to God. January 8, it is worth remembering the chief merit of the blessed mother, because she had to give to the world the Savior of the human race, who later became a victim of the attacks of atheists, but did not betray their views and faith. Immediately after the birth of Christ each of us should honor the memory of the Patron and to recall the sacrifices she’s had to do to earn God’s blessing and be chosen the Mother of God.

The meaning of the celebration of the Synaxis of the Theotokos

On the Nativity of Christ, January 7, we remember the birth of Jesus Christ, his sacrifice and charitable deeds that he did during life. In connection with the celebration not to mention about the mother of the infant Christ to the virgin Mary. This and dedicated the Cathedral of the blessed virgin.

In this day people commemorate not only the virgin, but also her husband Joseph who took to wife the young virgin Mary and vowed before the Lord that he will save her honor, so she could give birth to the future Savior. Ready to sacrifice himself for the sake of the Mother of God and her child, he helped them to flee to Egypt, thereby protecting them from king Herod.

A distinctive feature of the Defender is it courage, by which she was able to endure all the suffering, prepared for it by the Lord God. The mother of God could endure any torment in the name of God and his son Jesus Christ.

Celebration of the Cathedral of the blessed virgin Mary in 2018

On the morning of January 8, be sure to visit the Church and say the prayers of the mother of God. Don’t forget to thank the Saints, and then you can always count on their help and blessing.

The virgin Mary is the patroness of the family and children. So on this day be sure to pray for the health and happiness of their loved ones. If this year you are dreaming of adding to the family, refer to the Mother of God with prayers for the conception of a child.

The Cathedral of the blessed virgin is a kind of mother’s day, so don’t forget to congratulate their mothers and grandmothers. Be sure to tell your relatives at least a couple of warm words.

Luck should accompany each of us, otherwise, our life will never be complete. Make an effort and you will succeed, and to simplify your task you can use the strong conspiracy. We wish you success and happiness in the new 2018