Casanova scared of the Internet audience with its thinness

A new photo of the singer has concerned her fans

Recently 35-year-old pop singer Sati Kazanova celebrated the first wedding with the Italian photographer Stefano Tiozzo in his homeland, the Caucasus, surrounded by family and friends. Shortly before the event she shared with subscribers of the scenes from a new photo shoot.

According to most followers who left comments under the image, recently the singer became too thin and it begins to look unwell. Some have diagnosed her with anorexia. May be to blame a busy schedule and the excitement ahead of the marriage.

“Sometimes when you’re heavy and want to hide in a hole, but it’s too much luxury and we must work to move, because “the sun is still high”… I represent the strong spirit and positive people and friends, with incredible luck (believe me, I am fortunate in such friends! ), and it is very, very helpful!” — signed photo of Sati.