Cara Delevingne posed naked for a magazine cover

Supermodel and aspiring actress Cara Delevingne completely naked for the cover of the publication “Esquire,” and in an interview spoke about his desire to die.
Kara has long been known in the modeling business, but admits that her acting is much closer than the podium.

“In the fashion industry most importantly the fact that outside, not inside. Here no one shows the real me. Here you don’t feel like a person, and you are not treated as identity. The main thing here is how you look, only the outer shell has a value,” said Delevingne.
Kara recently appeared on screen in the film “suicide Squad”. From the aspiring actress has something to say about suicide, she has her own story. Cara’s mother Pandora suffered from manic depression and drug addiction, was the cause of her frequent hospitalizations. As a result, the girl was often left alone, and no mother in her life affected the formation of her personality.
“I had a feeling that I have no control in their lives. Sometimes I refused to eat, until I know where she is,” said Kara about yourself eight.
Teenage Kara has suffered another mental health crisis. She went into a deep depression and with it suicidal.
“Sixteen years I began gradually to cope with depression. I was pretty good at faking joy, though, and felt terrible. As a child, I felt I needed to be strong because my mother was weak. When I got older, I tried to be a good, obedient and successful in school. Not for myself – for parents.
When depression increased, I wanted to die. I hated myself, wanted every molecule of my body had disappeared from the face of the earth. At 16 I started taking meds, but so far came at least some effect, it took many months. That week, when I stopped taking drugs, I lost my virginity. I fought with everyone, I cried, screamed, laughed like crazy. What a joy it was to feel all these emotions again!” — told Kara.
Now her mother Pandora in relative order, but it will never be completely healthy.

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