Car thieves-professionals have deprived Yana Churikova “Lexus” for 4 million rubles

TV star hopes to compensate the insurance company

On the morning of 14 September, leading the project “Factory of stars” Yana Churikova found that her white jeep “Lexus LX” with a broken body kit on the right side on the wing was stolen near her home, a personal driver, who first reported it to the police.

And the star published a post with the photo, which was captured on horseback. In the signature of Jan announced that she will now have to ride a horse. “The estimate, and the gallery is left, I hate fake it,” writes a frustrated presenter in his microblog. Churikova also noted the professionalism of the hijackers, who “bypassed” even satellite signaling.

According to police, the car that’s worth about 4 million rubles, had already left the capital. Most likely, criminals will kill its engine, will produce new papers and sell the car. And the leading now have to rely on compensation insurance company.