Cancer Shannen Doherty is starring in the new series

For two years, actress Shannen Doherty leads a bitter struggle with the disease, which has become the curse of our modern society.

The star of “Enchanted” tries to beat cancer of the breast and till it is enough.

Cheer yourself up and try to feel like a healthy person Shannen wants to help. 45-year-old actress accepted the offer to star in the new series, where she was entrusted with the role of a dangerous and sexy school girls named Heather.

The name of the series is not yet known, but the Western tabloids reported that it is a remake of the movie “heathers” in 1989.

Doherty we wish a lot of luck and note that since she took over the project, so her condition is kept at a high level.

Earlier Shannen did a mastectomy, and then went through several courses of chemo – and radiotherapy.

On his way in the treatment of cancer, the actress regularly talks to fans, posting on Twitter Instagram photos, videos and stories about what she’s going through.


Source: cosmo.ru
Photo: cosmo.ru

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