Cancer Shannen Doherty cut his hair

The last few years have been extremely unlucky for once one of the most popular Actresses of television, Shannen Doherty. To the professional demand of added disease that is now literally squeezes all the juice out of women.

Last year 45-year-old Doherty was diagnosed with breast cancer, which she is now struggling hard.

On his page in Instagram the actress posted a series of six photographs which show one point her battle with cancer – Shannen lost hair.

Note that submitted photos Doherty looks very tired and sad. Trying to support her mother and friend, however, on eyes it is visible that in women, it turns out not so successfully.

Photos, the actress decided not to comment, but only the title of their signatures from the “Step 1” to “Step 6”.

Many fans of the stars of the series “Charmed” immediately rushed to reassure the unsettled artist. Members expressed their support Shannen and tried to convince her that she will be able to overcome the disease. Apparently, because of the serious cancer Doherty decided on such a radical step.

Source: dni.ru
Photo: instagram.com

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