Cancer Mikhail Zadornov: in the news today, 02.08.2017, health

As you know, the past few months, Mikhail Zadornov tries to combat cancer. As the Russian satirist is not addressed to doctors, the disease was discovered already in very poor condition. This situation entails great complications and it is impossible to predict the consequences.

Most recently, Michael celebrated his 69 birthday. It would seem joyful day, but it was given to of the humorist is very hard, as each new day is a new struggle with the disease. Zadornov underwent chemotherapy, he is now under intensive treatment.

We will remind that in the autumn of last year became aware of “serious illness” of the satirist. Mikhail Nikolaevich in the social network he reported his illness to fans than explained the cancellation of several concerts. He was diagnosed with glioblastoma of the brain.

According to sources, treatment started abroad, with operations in the Oncology Department of the Berlin hospital “charité”, which Zadornov did a brain biopsy.

A range of relaxing treatments and chemotherapy Zadornov was held in the Baltic States, in one of the private hospitals in town, but unfortunately, despite the efforts of national doctors, and the participation of the European luminaries of medicine, the desired result they brought.

Personal spokesman satirist Elena Zavarzina denied the rumors about the deteriorating health Zadornov and noted that medical treatment of the satirist is complete.

The address of Michael plenty of wishes for a speedy recovery from the fans. In turn he satirist noted recently that it helps to maintain an optimistic attitude videos from the Internet on which in a humorous style of play situations. He asked all concerned is often to send him materials on this account, as in the treatment – a positive attitude is a important component.