Cameron Douglas is grateful for a second chance

Released out of prison the son of Michael Douglas, Cameron enjoys his life in freedom. Each young man who is a few years behind bars has developed into a strong fit guy, said that Cameron was very glad that life gave him another chance.
“He’s terrific. He is in fine form, engaged in the hall every day. I think it feels great,” said Noel Ashman.

Recall that the 37-year-old son of Hollywood actor went to jail in 2010 for selling drugs. After it became known that the enterprising Cameron was smuggling drugs into the prison, he still threw a few years to a five-year term, but for good conduct and remorse in the former cases he is at liberty.
“Someone may consider it cruel fate, but Cameron is very grateful for a second chance. He’s happy to finally be free and be with the people he loves. He’s still the same guy I knew before, just became more serious and more focused. He tries to do something useful every minute of his life, because he knows her price,” said buddy Cameron.
Drug son Michael Douglas put an end to and lead a sober way of life. Former demons completely supplanted the sport.
“He is very serious about their health, and understands that he made some mistakes, for which I had to pay. I think he will never do again” said Noel.
With the help of his father and his money Cameron wants to establish a charity that will work to help drug-addicted people, as well as children of people in prison. Thus, Cameron hopes to help these kids not make the mistakes that he committed.
In his spare time the man has been in the gym and spends time with his girlfriend. In order not to waste time, he even got a trainer at a gym and one day hopes to get into show business.
Cameron’s family surrounded him with care and attention. He was the only child in the family, and during his stay in jail, his half brother and sister, born in wedlock of his father and Catherine Zeta-Jones grew up. Cameron’s mother also gave birth to three children, so the lack of relatives had not.
“I want people to know Cameron is a very good man, caring and faithful friend,” concluded Noel.

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