Calvin Harris was offended by Taylor swift

From love to hatred – one step. And Calvin Harris is ready to take that final step. Insiders claim that the news that his ex-girlfriend, country singer Taylor swift has already found a replacement in the person of Tom Hiddleston, really upset him. And the fact that a few days ago she has managed to meet the parents of his new chosen one (and its not forgot to introduce him) even brought Calvin into a frenzy.

to such conclusion the journalists TMZ who asked the DJ about what he thinks about this extremely rapid development of the relationship between his former girlfriend and a famous actor.
“This is ridiculous” ” cried Calvin, and added a few catchphrases that we can’t tell. Harris explained his words by the fact that in the almost year and a half, they with the singer spent together, she never found in your chart window to meet his family.
An insider close to Calvin, told reporters that Harris repeatedly invited Taylor to his parents, who live in the UK, but swift has always refused, referring to employment that is too far. But as it turned out, with the right man, the distance was reduced many times – a few days ago the singer was seen in the UK in the company of Tom and his mother. Maybe it’s still not on a tight schedule?

Source: http://www.tmz.com
Photo: http://www.tmz.com

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