Calvin Harris spent the night with Nicole Scherzinger

Revenge? Cast of country singer Taylor swift , DJ Calvin Harris is not going to while away the days in solitude. Famous artist yesterday was seen in the company of colleagues, her ex-lover, singer Nicole Scherzinger. Couple problemsis out in the morning from the London club Nightclub Tape.

32-year-old Harris and a 38-year-old Nicole seemed carefree and a little tired – still, having fun all night. The ex-soloist of The Pussycat Doll was holding Calvin by the arm, but after seeing the paparazzi, pulled back a little bit. However, all have noticed that they are pretty close. Western media have suggested that the artists went to the home of Kelvin and do not exclude that soon we will hear about the new couple.
Recall that Harris was offended by Taylor due to the fact that a week later after breaking up with him she got involved with Tom Hiddleston. Moreover, two weeks later she has already introduced new boyfriend with his family, and myself flew on a private jet to the Foggy Albion, to meet Tom’s mother. For the half year that he and Calvin were together, she never bothered to carve out a day to fly to another continent on such an important matter.
DJ is sure that the rapidly developing relations Taylor and Tom seem to be such a public, and that in fact they’ve been Dating for a long time, and began their romance when swift was his girlfriend. All your fantasies Calvin posted a new song called “Olé”.

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