Calvin Harris complimented Taylor swift

Let bygones – and that the eyes out. DJ Calvin Harris decided not to risk it and kept praising his former girlfriend, country singer Taylor swift, which is so ugly and the scandal broke six months ago.

On his page on Twitter, Calvin wrote, “blessed” to work with Taylor and Rihanna, but also boasted that the hit “This Is What You Came For” went double platinum in the UK.
Recall that this song was another cause of scandal. As it turned out, “This Is What You Came For” — a joint work of Taylor and Kelvin, but since swift didn’t want to attract too much attention, then asked Harris not to mention her authorship, and used the alias.
What a surprise it was swift, when she learned that Calvin gave the song Rihanna without talking to her. Harris himself claimed that he and ex-lover all discussed before, and the nominee Rihanna was chosen together. so he doesn’t understand the complaints swift.
Recall also that after breaking up with Calvin Taylor so quickly began to meet with Tom Hiddleston that he no doubt appeared a couple for a long time met behind his back. Heartache DJ became the inspiration for new songs, so that his broken heart Harry could still make money.

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