By-product: the Father of Anfisa Chekhova admitted that he doesn’t like daughter

On the show Dmitry Shepelev, the father of TV presenter made a shocking statement. He said he doesn’t like daughter and she is unwanted.

In the Studio Dmitry Shepelev Alexander Korchunov has described his star daughter Anfisa Chekhov shameless and could not count how old she is. Also the father of the girl admitted that she does not like daughter.

Became well known to the public even after the previous scandal, father sexy teledive Anfisa Chekhova once again mixed daughter with dirt. This time Alexander Korchunov participated in the show “actually”, where the entire transmission is not too hinted at the windy nature of the girl.

Shepeleva question about whether the daughter coveted, not forced Korshunova time to think, he immediately began to answer: “Married, because it’s hard to find someone. You know, as in the Vedas: children – unwanted product. We don’t want children when every day having sex. So called “by-product”. The child appears unexpectedly”.

“The idea that my father never loved me not give a heavy heart! I understood and accepted! And sincerely love him, just like that, just because he’s my dad, whatever it was — I inherited from him the best: gab, eloquence, poetic talent and ambition! I have achieved in this life what he wanted to achieve” – not appeased in the post Anfisa.