Buzova told how friends tried to steal her Tarasova – 24???

Russian TV presenter Olga Buzova made a new Declaration. The celebrity commented on her marriage to footballer Dmitry Tarasov, reports StarHit.

Presenting a new video for the song “Hit parade”, Olga Buzova said that she already has a bitter experience of marriage. This time we are talking about girlfriends. The girl confessed that she now trusts very few people, and after the acquisition of glory were only a few in her life who she for many years supported the relationship.

“Too many have turned on me. I know how “friends”, putting my hands in my pants to your husband. Went through everything,” said the singer. Russian TV presenter and singer Olga Buzova | DAYS.RU

In addition, Buzova emphasized that weak and idle men are not attracted to her.

“Namby-pamby is not exactly on my hit parade. Alas, in our time, men generally crushed. A sad spectacle. Representatives of the stronger sex have forgotten about that there should be knights and conquer women,” says Olga Buzova.