Buzova has confirmed its participation in the new project “First channel”

Russian singer Olga Buzova has confirmed its participation in the filming of a new project “First channel”. The t-shirt with the logo “First” on the steps of the “Ostankino” “the first blonde of Russia” has published on his account on Instagram.


Posting a picture of myself with the logo “the First channel” Olga Buzova signed it: “All day shooting”. When the singer did not specify either the name of the project or my role in it.

The instantly became popular, having collected 150 thousand “likes” in 5 hours, and spawned a lot of rumors. According to some of them, Buzova become one of the leading show “womanish revolt”. It will be the Russian actress Tatyana Vasilyeva, Yulia Baranovskaya (the former wife of footballer Andrei Arshavin). However, officially in a press-service “the First channel” did not confirm this information.

It should be noted that the message of Olga Buzova and found its detractors. Some of the Network users has ironically noticed that the singer and host of “House 2” will become the “new headliner” of the channel, to replace the departed Andrei Malakhov. Other that the “First channel” things really are very bad, just one of the leading will be Buzova (alluding to a lot of “gems” in her name to the TV channel “TNT”).