Buzova disgraced “the House-2”, erotically licking a flute – 24???

The presenter of the show “Dom-2” Olga Buzova showed the flute unambiguous hand motion, and then began to lick a musical instrument. This incident happened in the Studio “House-2”.

Olga Buzova | Cosmopolitan

Olga Buzova decided to show “the master class” playing the flute. At first she began to caress the flute, then licked it. His outrageous act, it sparked outrage among users in the Network, which describe the behavior of the girls as slutty.

A video was posted on the YouTube channel “House 2 news and rumors”. Now it occupies the 23rd position on the tab “trending” in YouTube.

We will remind that Olga Buzova previously appeared Nude in the video for the song “Hit parade”.