Buzova and Batrutdinov: “staging” or hint

Artists together are floating on the Indian ocean

TV presenter Olga Buzova went to Thailand. She generously shares with subscribers his microblog photos and videos from guests. One of them singing the anchor resting on the yacht in the company of Timur Batrutdinova.

“Dear friends, girls, don’t worry. Well, what Olga Buzova, this is all, of course, rumors. We just took a picture,” says on-camera comedian. — “I was with this girl nothing binds”.

However, at this point in the frame appears Buzova and asked to spread it back and bring a watermelon. Timur throws to comply with the request, “honey”, kissing the girl’s hand. Both argue that all this “staging”.

Earlier, the Batrutdinov issued a joint picture with Buzova, noting that she brings him luck. Earlier, the comedian promised to marry the young singer.