Business Kira Plastinina was on the verge of bankruptcy

The last two years the business of the Kira Plastinina fails. Most of the shops under the name of Kira Plastinina stopped working.

Those stores that distribute products under the brand Kira Plastinina actually work in the franchise system, since they simply deliver goods from the official website of the brand.

Despite the fact that things Kira Plastinina is still sold on the website of the company, the representatives of the brand say that she was ruined.

“Bankruptcy is now our only option, we are inundated with claims, all of our accounts are arrested, the total debt — about 500 million rubles,” – said General Director of the company “Kira Plastinina style” Igor Mukhachev.

There is speculation that the reason that Kira Plastinina has ceased to operate successfully, is the fact that the founder of the brand in 2014, went abroad to study. Kira became a student at Columbia University, where she has apparently started another life has nothing to do with fashion.

CEO of her company was the Dutchman, the Jan Heere, who previously headed the Department for international development to Marks & Spencer. However, even with his experience as the firm is not able to get out of debt. 2014 brought a loss of one billion rubles.

Source: starhit.ru
Photo: starhit.ru

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