“Burger king apologized to the Cord

No judicial proceedings will not be. The fast food chain “Burger king apologized to Sergei Shnurov and was told that the administration decided not to sue the leader of the group Leningrad, then he mentioned it in his verse.

Media reported that General Director of food service establishments Dmitry Honey brought him a public apology.
“On behalf of my company, I want to apologize to Cord. Of course, we will be happy if he would write funny poems about us in the future, even with the addition of the national language,” he said.
We will remind that earlier the rhetoric was quite different. Representatives of the “Burger king” believed that the statements of Sergey Shnurova “mislead consumers and damage the brand” wanted to recover for non-pecuniary damage with musician 200 thousand rubles. The actor then called the lawsuit a network of catering success and wrote a new verse dedicated to the same network.
“He spun the trial of the century
Though from past cases, the noise is not abated.
Burger king contrary man
Wrote a little verse.
He’s the Burger king, well, who are you,
To find fault with his promo code
And write about the phenomenon of hiccups?
He is the Breadwinner, the King , and you the cattle!
You write on Instagram with ***?
An alcoholic bastard, and Finn.
Not those Burger king was fired,
Well, in short, give me two hundred thousand” wrote Cord. Obviously, the “Burger king” poetry took the soul.

Source: https://lenta.ru
Photo: http://www.ntv.ru

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