“Bullying on the Internet” brought Dana Borisov to despair

Well-known Russian TV presenter Dana Borisova decided on a Frank interview in which he talked about how much suffering her dirty gossip distributed ex-fiancé and former participant reality show “House-2” kind of Kozlovice. The latter States that Given an alcoholic, who doesn’t care about his daughter. He said on one of the talk shows that Borisov gave him a week, and all the time her nine-year-old daughter was alone in the apartment. The journalist claims that he does not know any kozlevich, and certainly not to drink alcohol. Borisov admitted that the bullying drove her to despair and she was forced to give candid interviews to clear his name.

“I do not drink alcohol. Every day I get up at six in the morning to take her to the school, the day I pick up my daughter from school. You can say that I spend my entire day driving, and because I can not a priori be drunk. After school my daughter comes to the Tutors, I can’t crawl drunk.. When Tutors leave, I also can’t drink, because I get up in the morning and take my daughter to school. Yes, I did for many years do not drink alcohol,” says Dana.

Because a replicable rumors Borisova may be interested in the guardianship, and the presenter is afraid that she can take away the daughter because of someone’s dirty intentions.

“No daughter, I can not live. I don’t need a life when you never throw mud on all sides,” lamented Dana.

Source: https://www.dni.ru
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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