Bryan singer brings “X-Men” on television

“X-men” officially transferred to the small screens.

Today it became known that in the manufacture sent a series called “Legion”. The TV story will be created based on the eponymous comic book of the universe “X-men”.

Shooting Legion was entrusted to Noah Hawley (“Alibi”, “Fargo”). But to consult when you create a series of Holi with people who are directly related to “X-Men”, because they became the producers: Bryan singer, Lauren Schuler Donner (the universe is “X-Men” in full), Simon Kinberg (Fantastic four, “the Martian”), Joseph Loeb (“Superman/Batman: public Enemies”, “Commando”), James Chori (series “Daredevil,” “Heroes”) and John Cameron (“Bad Santa”, “the evil dead”).

At the moment, already known synopsis the future of the series. In “Legion”, you will learn about a mutant named David Haller, who suffers from childhood mental illness.

Treatment of schizophrenia Haller is in the mental hospital. To such a life David have become accustomed, but suddenly his life comes a strange man who makes the guy appear telepathic abilities.

Interesting fact – in the original comic book story Haller is the son of Professor Charles Xavier.

The main role in “Legion” entrusted to fulfill the star of “Downton Abbey” and “beauty and the Beast” Dan Stevens. Also the series will Aubrey Plaza (“Parks and recreation”, “Grandpa easy virtue”), Jean Smart (“24 hours”, “designing women”) and Rachel Keller (“Supernatural”, “the Mentalist”).

The shooting of the series, which seats just eight episodes, will start this summer.

The premiere will take place in early 2017.


Source: intermedia.ru

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