Bruce Willis will play in the sixth film of the “die hard” – 24???

62-year-old actor Bruce Willis will play the sixth part of the film “die hard.” The Director of Thriller Len Wiseman said in an interview with Deadline.

The plot of the sixth “die hard” will unfold before and after the events of the previous parts of the series. Wiseman began to search candidate for the role of young John McClane (the protagonist of the franchise).

In 2010, Willis told the Internet portal Showbiz Spy about the intention to abandon the role of McClane after filming the sixth film of the “die hard”. Then he announced plans to star in the fifth and sixth installments of the franchise. His decision, he explained that in the future will not be able to “run and fight on the screen.”

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Recall that the Thriller “die hard: a Good day to die”, the fifth episode of the franchise was released in theaters in 2013. Most critics criticized the film whose box office exceeded $300 million.