Brother Alexander Sheps will take part in “the battle of psychics” – 24???

Oleg, the brother of the psychic Alexander Sheps, will take part in “the battle of psychics”. It will appear in the next season of the popular TV show, reports LIFE.

Oleg inherited from my mom unique psychic abilities, which intends to demonstrate on the show. As you know, he also has the gift.

Alexander Sheps and his brother Oleg | Cosmopolitan

A new member of the TV show hails from Samara, but lives and studies in the Russian capital. Brother Alexander is often spread in social networks photo with his girlfriend Olga.

Oleg Sheps with his girlfriend Olga | social network

It is known that Oleg helps the brother to manage the store in Samara “Workshop magic”. This store Alexander opened together with her beloved psychic Marilyn Kerro. Not so long ago the Russian media reported that Marilyn and Alexander announced the severance of relations.