Brooklyn Beckham has admitted that up to thirteen years did not know about the popularity of the parents

Brooklyn Beckham is a senior child in one of the most popular families in the world. The life of these celebrities watched by millions of fans around the world. But, as admitted by the guy, until recently he had no idea that his family is famous and something different from the rest.

This revelation 17-year-old boy poured on the pages of the magazine Wonderland.

Brooklyn said to the 13 years he lived the life of an ordinary child surrounded with care and love of parents. He enjoyed his childhood and never even thought about what his mom and dad achieved great career heights, and of them says that the whole world: “I went to a football game, and the people shouted my father’s name, and I thought: “What ?!”. Note that the words man it’s hard to believe, as one of the most famous players in the world and his equally famous wife always haunted by throngs of paparazzi, which Brooklyn just could not miss. And besides, did the guy not have access to the same television and the Internet, through which he could learn about the fame of their parents.

Interestingly, while his younger brothers and sister Brooklyn enlightened on the subject of who are their parents?


Source: graziamagazine.ru
Photo: instagram.com

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