Britney Spears spoke about the affair with Sam Asgari

The news about the breakup of American singer Britney Spears and her cute boyfriend Sam Asgari, starring in a new clip artist on the song “Slumber Party” was an exaggeration, and 35-year-old actress, to the great grief of their loved ones, still has a relationship with him.

New year’s eve the celebrity spent his 23-year-old boyfriend, and even a twelve-year age difference does not bother her. During a recent radio Britney open up and boasted her new handsome boyfriend.
It is known that Spears personally conducted a casting for the filming of their music video, and Sam – a native of Iran, bodybuilder and fitness instructor immediately rushed into her eyes. The singer told how during the filming there was a hitch, and they Asgari left alone in the room. At first it was awkward silence. Neither he nor she could not find common themes, but twenty minutes later they still had to talk.
“Sam didn’t know what kind of person I am, and to me it was not a sign, but in the course of our conversation it became known that we both adore sushi, then some of us joked that it would be nice to go to eat. Sam left his phone number, but I put it in a bag, forgot about it five months, then found this note and decided to call a very nice guy. He was really cute and funny guy” — said Britney.
As it became known, Asgari for nine years, lives in America and works as a personal fitness trainer. About the affair of Sam with Britney began in November last year when he issued a joint photo with Britney on his page in the social network. And despite the fact that the he quickly removed all can see them. A few weeks later, young people no longer hide their feelings for each other.

Recall that the inner circle of the actress, in particular her father, Spears, Asgari. All of them think that the guy Britney needed only for self-promotion and nothing more. Auteuil Britney, who also is her Manager and financial guardian, asked the daughter not to spend time on a handsome to break up with him, but the artist to listen to anyone not willing and is going to act as it sees fit. And recently, a certain 27-year-old model published a picture where she’s kissing Asgari and hinted in the caption to some pleasant memories. After that, there were rumors that Britney broke up with her a changed young man, but, as you can see the beautiful mood Spears, it’s not.

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