Britney Spears spent the day of birth

December 2, Britney Spears celebrated her 36th birthday. Truly a special day made two person family singer: boyfriend, male model Sam Asgari, and a colleague across the stage with Madonna. Madonna has congratulated his colleague, one of the first and on 1 December introduced a cover of the famous song Britney Toxic in conjunction with not only the birthday of colleagues, but also the world day of fight against AIDS.

“Silence = death. Song for world day against AIDS. And Britney Spears — happy birthday!” — wrote Madonna under a video in which she sings. After some time, Britney has admitted that the video greeting Madonna inspired her to remove his. “I’m really inspired by yesterday’s post of the Madonna. She’s right… Silence = death! These words came to me, because in them lies the truth. I always wanted to play so… In a little black dress in front of the camera 360. Then I realized, today is my birthday, so why not do it? Boom! As soon as the clock struck 12, I did it!!! Thank you all for your wonderful wishes and greetings and for what allow me to do what he likes. I appreciate you more than you can imagine!!!!” — wrote Britney.

But the boyfriend Britney 23-year-old Sam Asgari sing did not, and decided to make her a romantic evening. Instead of cake he put candles in the cupcakes. The room was decorated with candles. Caring guy laid out rose petals heart. “Happy birthday, my favorite and only! Thank you for being yourself, for showing me what it means to be truly beautiful woman and a strong mother, and the biggest thank you for what you mine. I’m the happiest man on the planet!” Sam wrote on instagram.

The novel of the singer and the model lasted for seven months. They met on the set of the clip of the singer Slumber Party. The guys got to talking about sushi, and he soon decided that he absolutely had to go to the restaurant together. About the day the singer told in an interview: “We were in the same room where we had 20 minutes to sit together and wait for the start of filming. We were the only ones there and we had to talk. He had no idea who I am. Of course he knew my name, but did not know me as a person. We started talking about different things that we both like. For example, sushi. And then decided we’d go one day to eat sushi together. Thus, I decided to give him my number.”

Source: ru.hellomagazine.com
Photo: www.instagram.com

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