Britney Spears spends tens of thousands of dollars to massage their dogs

American singer Britney Spears, and coffee can not afford to buy without the permission of the father being her financial guardian, spends exorbitant amount of money on Pets. So, the total amount of money that went for massages, haircuts, and other pampering beloved doggie, Spears Maltese and a Yorkshire Terrier only within the last year, cannot fail to shock.

$ 8 million spent Britney over the last year. She bought property, worked on myself, my music – everything is clear. But the personal costs in the form of pet care is also huge. More than one hundred thousand dollars, Spears spent caring for their dogs. This amount included not only haircuts but also massages, and even manicures/pedicures.
Incidentally, last year the singer has spent “only” 25 thousand dollars for a dog-sitter, vet visits, grooming and food prmium class. Probably the most expensive cost of canine massage.
When you’re a superstar, Pets must meet the hostess. I wonder just how much Britney has gone to the care of the sons.

Source: http://www.eonline.com
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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