Britney Spears nearly drowned in Hawaii

Nearly ended in tragedy the rest of American singer Britney Spears in Hawaii, where the favorite of the audience loves to sunbathe and splash in the waves of the ocean. Here, the artist traveled several times a year, and each time calls the stay there unforgettable. So it will be this time, because we will talk about the terrible experience. Britney confessed in a recent radio interview VVS1 that you nearly drowned on your favorite resort.

“I went to Hawaii a few weeks ago. It was perfect. The waves were six feet tall, so warm and pleasant that I felt in the pool. But after five minutes everything was different, I felt myself drifting deeper. I was literally sucked in, pulling from the shore. In my head was only one thought in mind: “save me.” I almost drowned. What about my security? They didn’t do anything. They would have let me die.. Then felt a wave of another wave, and I managed to reach the shore” — said Britney, and one can only imagine its dialogue with the people she pays money for its security.
“I was scared, but now I remember this case, as funny,” said Britney. Well that ends well.

Source: http://www.eonline.com
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