Britain will launch a talent show for photographers

Britain will launch a talent show for photographers

Sooner or later this day had to come: now your talent on television can show not only singers and dancers, but also photographers. The British channel Sky Arts next week launches Master of Photography, which will be similar to the traditional talent show, but with photographers as participants.

The program will consist of eight episodes and take part in it will be 12 characters, which will compete for the title of “Best European photographer”. In addition to fame and honor the winner will get more cash premib in the amount of 150 thousand euros.

Among the jury members and invited guests who will act at Master of Photography — rut blees Luxembourg, Oliviero Toscani, Simon Frederick, Alex Webb and David LaChapelle. Most of their names hardly something will tell, but if you never parted with the camera, you will certainly be delighted.

I wonder whether the project to be popular?


Source and photo: mediananny.com