Brie Larson talked about his friendship with Lawrence and stone

Friendship in Hollywood is, but this is the exception rather than the rule. Because of the huge competition, celebrities are not looking to make friendships with colleagues and employees of one plant, as it is fraught with consequences. The least that can happen – someone someone can take the role out of spite or to tell a secret to the press. But in the case of Emma stone, Jennifer Lawrence and brie Larson all completely different. The winner of the “Oscar” for her role in the movie “the Room” admitted that if not for her friends, her life went downhill.

“They literally saved my life,” admitted Larson, talking about their insecurities, isolation from society and loneliness. Brie says that while she tried not to catch the eye of anyone – whether colleagues or journalists. She was terribly embarrassed, in addition, any critical comment in her address to her hurt: “Sometimes I feel very alone and unworthy of all that happened to me. I was embarrassed that all they say about me”.

That’s when bree became friends with Lawrence and stone. Girls sent her encouraging messages and ordered candy. “Once Emma wrote me a lovely email while out of town and Jen was constantly asked how I was doing,” said Larson, adding that she cherishes the friendship with Emma and Jennifer, since they found support that she was not familiar with: “This support is very important to me: I was homeschooled, so had no contact with peers, and now next to me absolutely incredible people.”

Source: elle.ru
Photo: starslife.ru

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