Brie Larson officially became Captain marvel

Brie Larson officially became Captain marvel

During the presentation, Marvel at the festival Comic-con 2016 the company officially confirmed what previously was only insider rumor: the winner of the Academy award brie Larson will really play a major role in the film “Captain marvel”. This publication reports ComicBook.

Recall that the premiere is scheduled for March 2019, however, before the release of his solo project, it is expected that the heroine will appear in one of the series of novels “the Avengers 3”.

The actress has also confirmed his participation in the film, posting on his official page in social network Twitter a photo in a baseball cap with symbols of the Studio, accompanied by her comment: “Call me ” Captain marvel”.

The script for “Captain marvel” will prepare gin kolan, Meg Levow and Nicole Perlman. The shooting schedule of the film, as well as the full cast, at the time of this writing was not specified.

Nickname Captain marvel was owned by several comic strip characters. The debut took place in 1967, and initially he was an agent of the alien race Kree. Since 2012, the costume and abilities of Captain marvel belongs to Carol Danvers, the brilliant U.S. air force pilot who had a chance to meet with the alien Mar-Vell, and this had determined her fate.


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