Brezhnev and Granovsky noted the birthday of “VIA gra” on the train

Are the coincidences in life – this past Sunday marked 17 years since then, as Konstantin Meladze created the group “VIA Gra”. On the same day on the train, in the same car, albeit in different cars drove Vera Brezhnev and Hope Granovskaya.


Needless to say how surprised and happy girls such a wonderful meeting, but still “about”. Then Vera and Nadia shared their impressions in social networks. The singer posted photos from the archive of the group where they were slightly younger and maybe happier. Some pictures could be called spicy, but what Puritanism, even the name of the group was obliged to be sexy and desirable.

Fans, of course, not left without attention the posts of their favourites. They were delighted, wished good luck and reminisced about the heyday of “VIA gra”, where the gold and the inimitable composition sang Vera Brezhneva, Nadezhda Granovskaya and Anna Sedakova. Wilson in his post, forgot to congratulate all the participating groups with her birthday and thank them for the happiness they gave each other. On the festive menu of the dining car in social networks, nothing was said.