Brand new member Margarita Ovsyannikova is very similar to Daria Pynzar in his youth

So, barely a freshman Margarita Ovsyannikova crossed the threshold of the project, he has produced for many of them. In this case, the girl indicated their sympathy for the Roman Gritsenko, assuming that it fits him much better than his current passion – Lisa Triantafilidis. With Rita’s opinion was echoed by many of her colleagues in telestroke, the website life-dom2.su.

Moreover, many noted not only the fact that they. can become a lovely couple, but and a brand new striking similarity with one of the most popular participants of the reality show. Viewers are convinced that Margot as two drops of water similar to the young Darya Pynzar.

“Really like”, “And I immediately noticed its similarity with Dasha Pynzar”, “Like, beautiful,” “I immediately thought, that a copy of Dasha” – said the viewers of the reality show.