Brad pitt wants to do a sequel to “Fight club” in the old part of

Brad pitt wants to do a sequel to “Fight club” in the old part of

The actor tries to convince his colleague Edward Norton together to recreate a mega-hit in the thrilling sequel.

52-year-old actor is going to present the fans of “Fight club” a real surprise. The actor decided to shoot a sequel of the movie in the old part, but according to Western media, before you start filming, he had to make “a great effort”. Pitt tries to convince his “fight” colleague Edward Norton to revert to his old ways and make a great return, but sources to do so pitt will not be easy: “ed is much happier in his quiet and measured life. He doesn’t need the money, so brad will have to make considerable efforts in order to ed even agreed to “think” on it.”

Another reason that now is the time for the return of “Fight club” is the fact that last year the author of the novel on which the film is based, Chuck Palahniuk has published a comic story ten years later. And despite the fact that the second storyline has not received such rave reviews from the fans, the film producers do not lose hope that the return of the first film’s success, they will succeed.

But will we see Edward Norton in the sequel is still unknown, but given the aggressiveness of Brad pitt, all you can expect: “ed was a homebody and in his spare time he practices yoga. But Brad still hopes to obtain his consent and has already appointed him a meeting with David Fincher, the Director of the first film, during which they should discuss all details of possible work on the sequel,” said an insider.


Source and photo: woman.ua