Brad pitt thinks he’s a wise father and has a right to be around children

The divorce of Brangelina for several weeks is the top news of all the world’s media. The couple have repeatedly raised the question of whether someone should live their child with the father or mother. In the end, the court determined that the children should be with mom, and dad gets to visit them under supervision.

As is known, investigations into allegations of Jolie that pitt was rukoprikladstvo against her and the children ended. Because brad now asks a sincere question about why he can’t hang out with kids if he is a good father.

Recently, the Network appeared the recording, which allegedly shared pitt. In it, the actor spoke about his thoughts about separation with children: “When you have the right to be a father and to be around children. When you are a father with great wisdom and knowledge. When you have the right to be a man who constantly thinks of the family.”

Whom was addressed this message to is not specified, but fans immediately concluded that most likely pitt turned to Jolie with a purpose to melt her heart of stone, and to mitigate such severe rules of communication.

Source: cosmo.ru
Photo: cosmo.ru

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