Brad pitt openly told GQ about divorce and alcoholism

After the announcement of the divorce of Brangelina, figures news tried to talk to the press. For them, it makes their representatives, and spoke very little, and still others remain a lot of questions.

To break the silence and openly talk about what happened in their family and what led to the divorce, came from brad pitt. 53-year-old actor was photographed for the new issue of GQ magazine and talked about family problems and their fault in this situation.

So, pitt admitted that the whole period, while there is a divorce, he cares only for children who can read a lot online of different stories and believe them: “I was worried what they see and read this, and their friends. Because everything was supplied in the press without a shred of delicacy and balance. After all, it is best to sell the sensation with details! I was hurt that my children are exposed to all of this. Because they are so sensitive. They absorb all. They should hold your hand and explain everything. And be sure to listen to them. And when I plunge into work, you can’t hear them. I would like to be a better father.”

Despite what brad says about lies in the press, there are still facts that have taken place. For example, his dependence on alcohol was not an invention of journalists or Angelina Jolie. Pitt says that in recent years too addicted to the bottle and now, of course, regrets it: “to be honest, since the end of College, I can’t remember a single day that I have not consumed alcohol or smoked a joint. However, special problems I did not create it. With the advent of the family I left behind many of his bachelor habits, but not drink. And it also does not interfere with my life, but a year ago everything was different. I drank a lot. And it has become a real problem. I was practically a professional at drinking vodka. I think that could easily out-drink a Russian. I was really good. But I do not want to live. I love good wine, we have our own vineyard and their own wine, but even him I don’t drink. I went to therapy and loved it even more than the booze. But first I had to change a couple of doctors to find the right. What am I drinking now? Cranberry juice and mineral water. I’ve got the clean pee all over Los Angeles!”

Note that for divorce from Jolie pitt looks philosophically and says that in the final of this story will not be a winner and a loser. They both will suffer from this story. Just some more, some less: “this Whole custody, FBI, charges literally brought me out of balance. Fortunately, now it’s all behind us, and we try to understand everything. And both do our best. One lawyer once told me: “Nobody wins in court – the only question is who will be injured less and who more.” And this seems to be true. Spending years and effort to prove to another that he is bad and wrong, it is only investment in hatred. They are not constructive. I see my friends getting divorced, or any public people, how they pour out filth each other in court to destroy a once loved one and to show their importance. I do not want to live”.

Source: intermedia.ru
Photo: instagram.com

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