Brad pitt is “hot” the dirt on angelina Jolie

In war as in war. Hollywood actor Brad pitt, though, and trying to make them with Angelina Jolie divorce less scandalous, but if I went to a fight, he was ready to publish the compromising spouse. As reported by insiders, an artist has about a hundred hours of audio recordings, which can undermine the reputation of Angie and keep her obtain sole custody of their six children Brad.

Insiders say that these records have accumulated in the last twelve years with Jolie relationship and are talking Nonsense therapist celebrities Ron Bard. For example, pitt told the specialist that his wife is very inventive in bed. For example, she loves blood. During sex, she put herself cuts, she liked how the blood was dripping on the Nonsense. She also liked to tie his or most be associated. However, what happened behind the door of their bedroom, let him stay there. Alarming other oddities Jolie.
According to Brad, the 41-year-old actress, which is very thin lately locked myself in my room and ate nothing. So she put down her numerous breakdowns.
“Brad had said he was like two different people. And one of them is very aggressive. Angelina could destroy things around and threaten those that she is to do something. Delirium often told about what happens to them with his wife with tears in his voice..” — said the insider. Pitt did not think that someone will ever hear this information, and was sure that Ron will take his secrets to the grave. But when the therapist suddenly died, his records “accidentally” came to the editorial office of one of the publications, adoring the sensation. So soon we are waiting for a huge batch of sensations.
Recall that Angelina Jolie filed for divorce on September 19 and demands sole custody of their children Nonsense. Pitt with the decision of the wife does not agree and will fight for them until the end. Jolie claimed that the Nonsense is not in control of his emotions and behaves aggressively towards children, but appropriate services have already established that that is a lie. Jolie justifies slandering her husband’s desire to protect his family.

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