Brad pitt introduced the film “the Allies”

On the news about the termination of investigation of domestic violence, emaciated but happy Hollywood actor Brad pitt appeared on the red carpet. 52-year-old actor for a long time kept in the shadows. It is clear that on the background of what is happening to his family events, he doesn’t really want to go out in public, but work is work.

The actor appeared at the premiere of the tape “Allies” in the company of his partner French actress Marion Cotillard. Fans shouted to him words of encouragement, photographed and took autographs.

Pitt was courtesy itself, and then expressed his gratitude to everyone for support in this difficult time.
“You’re so good to me. This is very nice. Thank you all for the support,” he said.

Recall that the partner of the Nonsense in the film “Allies” Marion Cotillard at first, I even accused a parting of the spouses. The actress who is now pregnant with a second child from the husband Guillaume Canet, even had to personally justify to the public.

In the Russian hire drama with elements of Thriller will be released on November 26.




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