Brad pitt got rid of alcohol addiction in the VIP rehabe

Staff publications Page Six has learned, where Hollywood actor Brad pitt got rid of his addiction, which he admitted last week in an interview with the glossy publication. Shortly after pitt’s spouse Angelina Jolie filed for divorce, Brad came to therapy in the VIP rehabe.

Insiders told the publication that the team of the Nonsense forced him to make this decision and go to one of the centers in Los Angeles, where the treatment and get rid of the dependency of a celebrity with a world name.
Pitt met with the doctors and held therapy sessions in private residence organizations, organized the same as the artist, a former alcohol addicted. The treatment program included group therapy and work with doctors and psychologists in one-on-one.
“Delirium therapy benefited. He discovered his new face, and learn to relax, improve yourself” — said the insider.
Recall that after sincere repentance heart Angelina flinch. According to insiders close to her, the actress many times re-read an interview with her husband’s edition of GQ Style and have learned of the Delusion that once loved. Who knows, maybe pitt will be able to take advantage of this chance and to cancel the divorce.

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