Brad pitt criticized for callousness: he refused to visit his 95-year-old grandmother before her death

This situation in the life of brad pitt shows it is not the best way. Thus, recently it became known about the death of 95-year-old grandmother of brad pitt, Betty Russell. But the point of the story is that a Hollywood actor had been unable to visit her grandmother before her death and had not visited her for 10 years although she asked for it. Read more further into the material.

And if all the cones flew to angelina Jolie for her is not always good behavior (even pitt dissatisfied with her parenting), now out of favor fans got himself brad pitt. As it became known, died on 95-year-old Betty Russell, the grandmother of brad pitt on the paternal side. She until his death retained the clarity of mind and really wanted to see her favorite grandson.
But that didn’t happen: brad pitt didn’t come and didn’t even call my grandmother for 10 years. The last time he visited grandma in 2008 before they were born twins Knox and Vivienne.