Borodin refused to vaccinate their children

Leading scares the composition of vaccines for kids

Leading reality show “Dom-2” Ksenia Borodina decided to answer frequently asked questions subscribers his “Instagram”. Many young mothers were interested in her attitude towards children’s vaccination. The TV star admitted that instilled eldest daughter Marusya only up to 5 years and is clearly observing schedule — the child is often ill. The Junior, two-year-old Thea, still not done any vaccinations.

“Independent private studies (Dutch & German) have found that vaccinated children suffer much more than their unvaccinated peers. If you stop to vaccinate their children, their health improves noticeably. I will not say, look at your children. The BCG vaccine (against tuberculosis) in America and Europe is recognized as completely ineffective and she refused,” — said Xenia. Presenter admits that she is afraid of the vaccines administered to kids, but to recommend or to defend their point of view in this matter is not going to.