Borodin disown the world with her husband and cursed his possible mistress

Relationship Kurban Omarov and Ksenia Borodina began to improve. For several weeks the pair tried not to communicate, and yesterday the paparazzi managed to catch spouse for shopping – Xenia and Kurban bought household chemicals and other products needed for home improvement.

With videos and photos that the paparazzi have already managed to place in the network, we see that the relationship between the spouses don’t seem strained. Borodin and lobsters communicate like all the other couples, it seems that no scandal about cheating businessman did not exist. Whether it was this fight and really the divorce process between the spouses can begin in the near future? Secular observers believe that the scandal is nothing more than a PR stunt to attract more attention to a new business of Eid, which also involved the University Nastasya Samburski.

We are talking about a project called “Zvezdara”, which will represent the account on Instagram, telling about the secret life of Russian celebrities.

How true this is, hard to say, but the conflict between Xenia and the alleged new girlfriend of her husband (Samburski) does not subside until now. Recently Borodin in very harsh and negative way, spoke about what he thinks about Nastasia, criticized everything that she does.

“…For some time I found out one of the “excellent actress” started with me trying to be equal forces. Believes that could leave to rest in a foreign, albeit the former, but husbands. Feels good actress, curses, hates children, lead an immoral life…You Nasty, pathetic and very low girl! You need to improve yourself in the profession, in education, respect for people, respect for people! To sleep with other men easier, and you build your family and carry and give birth to children, grow them! I certainly don’t need your lover it’s just you used to collect from a lack of male attention, and I am a happy person, I have the two best daughters in the world, a job where I was held where I love and where I love! And I will not let you “a good actress”, to insult and to disgrace the name of the TV project Dom-2! […]I really feel sorry for you that you’re not smart enough, educated, and grass your poison herself, small and pathetic gadulka”, — was stated in the letter of Xenia.

By the way, while Xenia is at war with Samburski and said that she Omarov still not talking, he would-be husband publishes online photo, which suggests that the first step to reconciliation is made.

On his page in Instagram the businessman published the children of his son Omar, daughter Xenia Marusya, and their joint daughter Teona.

“She’s got everything under control,” wrote the husband Borodina.

Fans were delighted with such cute pictures. Only publish men collected more than a thousand comments: “well Done! Umnichka! The family must be preserved, whatever happens”, “Teece sweetheart! In General, all three kids are handsome and smart.”, “May God give you happiness and to be together with family for the rest of life,” could not restrain his excitement, the fans of this family.

Source: starhit.ru, uznayvse.ru
Photo: starhit.ru

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