Borodin again tried on a wedding dress

Fans of Ksenia Borodina speculated about what their favorite is again wearing a wedding dress.

On his page in Instagram Borodin posted a photo, on which was depicted a veil…and a plaid shirt.

“The bride ???????????? and you will go ???? main Veil???????? and plaid side split longline shirt ????”, — has signed a snapshot of Xenia, and later posted a video where she was in an environment such as brides, as she is dancing on the lawn under the cheerful track.

Later it turned out that she was a member of the video “I would like to know.” The video for the song written by musician Kravets and Tony Tonite. The story implies that, except for Borodina, the clip will be several more brides.

To say that fans of Xenia is still speculated, is to shoot a video of Borodin’s wearing the same dress in which I married Kurban Omarov. Confused subscribers was hit by the fact that the video dress of the presenter is great. But again a fan find an explanation – at his own wedding Borodina was pregnant and was at a decent time.

Recall now Borodin and lobster are now experiencing not the best period in his family life.

Because of the constant infidelities of her husband, she decided to file for divorce.

Source: instagram.com, vistanews.ru
Photo: instagram.com

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